New Luxury Fibre Base and My Slouchy Cardigan

I put this photo at the top because I didn’t want to see the photo of me below showing up on facebook…lol…scary!! You’ll find the details about this bit of knitting towards the end of the post 😉

I finished this on Monday, yesterday and have been wearing it ever since…such a comfy cardi which cuddles you up…

Tummy in, lower shoulders, smile, focus, click, doh, smile, tummy in, drop shoulders, focus, look in mirror, smile, focus, click, doh, remove glasses, tummy in, shoulders down, stand up straight, focus, can’t see, hope for the best, smile, tummy in and CLICK!! (you should see the out-takes!)

I like the look of the purl side as the outside, I like the way the edges roll towards the purl side and show the stripes of the inside and the seam detail along the mid back and the sleeves, which just adds a bit more interest….I felt the purl side softened the stripes, which were worked every 2 rows using two contrasting variegated yarns, it could however, be worn totally the other way round…

I love the way the sleeves ruch up at the wrists, they also fit my arm well but not too tight that I can’t push them up my arm when necessary….

The cardigan can be worn as a shawl type shrug and will fall off your shoulders when you let the neck line fall down further at the back, perfect for summer evenings, wearing strappy tops or dresses
If you let the neckline roll and lift it higher up to your neck, then it will drape on your shoulders in a most delicious way (as I am wearing it in the photos)…can you tell that I love this cardigan?!?

Here’s a rear view of it so you can see the seam detail better

There’s a seam down the centre of the lower skirt, it hardly shows…

I have taken possession of some more yarn which is easily available in the UK. My intention is to knit another, writing loads of notes and taking lots of photos so I can publish the pattern, I also will be writing up a child’s version…my mind is working faster then I can cope with right now as I have another, more complicated design for a child’s cardigan that I want to get out of my head!

I also have some sewing to do, a few bags which were ordered a while ago…I am finding it easier not to take orders at the moment, just to work at my own pace, being kind to myself seems to be working for me, leaving me feeling calmer inside. I had begun to feel overwhelmed with everything that needed doing, even the washing up felt like a mega chore! It’s my own fault, I keep getting new ideas and then I feel so proud of my makes that I have to show them off and then I get orders…. 😀

Anyway, less of that, because I am now feeling much more myself and the sun keeps on shining, the Spring flowers are popping up every where and life is good…except that now the garden needs attention! Thank goodness for longer days and sunshine…

I’ll leave you with a photo of Fluff-n-Stuff’s new fibre base, New Darling….Polwarth, Cashmere and Mulberry Silk, absolute luxury, truly, soft and a wonderful fibre to spin, so open and when it is spun it turns into the most deliciously soft and squidgy yarn (the original Darling used Superfine Merino)

These two colourways were for this month’s Luxury Fibre Club, their names are McDreamy and Meredith….I have become addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and these are the main characters. I do please ask you not to give me any spoilers about the show, I am only into series 7 and I do believe that series 10 is airing!….

I spun it into these yummy floofy fat singles

and I have started to knit those singles into a lovely cowl, it’s a scarf in the pattern but this is knitted on 8mm needles and is so dense and squidgy I feel a cowl would work better, i am thinking of closing it with some buttons…not exactly needed now that the weather is warming up but still fun to knit and I’ll be one step ahead when it turns colder again, probably tomorrow! Hah! The cowl had used up 100 grammes so far and I have spun up another lot so I can finish it, oh the joys of being a supplier 😉 I found the stitch pattern on Pinterest…another of my time wasters!!

Now back to my designing…Oh no! The day has already turned into teatime and Barry is home early…oh well, I guess there is always tomorrow 😉

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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4 Responses to New Luxury Fibre Base and My Slouchy Cardigan

  1. I’ll be first in line to purchase your pattern – it’d would be so lovely in a childs version too 🙂

  2. josiekitten says:

    Love the cardigan pattern, it looks like a knitted hug!

  3. nicolette says:

    Lovely cardigan Marianne and such a creative way to take your pictures! You look fabulous!

    • picperfic says:

      Thank you Nicolette…it’s difficult photographing yourself but I love how this cardi looks on a body lol xx

      On 12 March 2014 08:49, Picperfic's Blog wrote:


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