Sewing Dyeing Knitting and a Giveaway (Now Closed)

I’ve almost finished this jumper for a short film being made in Lincolnshire about how a family was affected by two brothers who fought in the Great War. You can watch a teaser trailer of the film here Tell Them of Us , it really does look like the filming is going to be so beautiful. I am so proud to have had the opportunity to do a small bit of knitting for a boy’s sweater. I’m sorry I moaned about the colour, I am very pleased with how it has turned out. Just need to add some buttons on the shoulder

I have now cast on something pink

As soon as I have finished this blog post I shall be working on that cute little cardigan, it’s A Wee Liesl by the very talented and clever designer, Ysolde Teague…I have knitted 2 of the grown up version so when she produced this tiny version I couldn’t wait to cast on 😀

I have since heard that there will be some pink yarn available for me to knit something else for the film….oh and that the boy’s jumper will be used on a child in one or two scenes! How flippin’ exciting is that?!?!


Barry was working from home earlier this week so I took myself upstairs to my sewing room, gave it a bit of a sort out and then set to work on these two sewn items

My customer had been soooo patient with me, I can’t remember how long ago she asked me if could make a smallish bag to go inside another using some of the sugar skulls fabric I had used in a bag for her previously. I knew I only had a scrap of that fabric left and the search began. I soon found it in the tub of green fabrics scraps. I have four coloured bags of scraps which sit on the top of my storage units, I toss any larger pieces of fabrics into them as I am cutting out other projects, it is a good system and works well for me.

I drew the heart freehand onto some Bondaweb, twice, then trimmed a border off the smaller heart….I am beginning to love appliqué and I also love how my spell checker adds the little thing on the ‘e’ 🙂

I used some sparkly embroidery thread for the quilting and the appliqué, very girlie…the design is by Norwegian Designer AnnaK, and the pattern is called Anna’s Sminkepung

Another part of the request (I don’t like to use the word ‘order’ because this customer gives me free reign with fabrics) was to sew one of my Quilted Baskets, I loved putting these fabrics together. I showed the world this basket yesterday in my Facebook Group and had loads of interest. Today I realised that I wasn’t going to be able to get any more of that fabric in the UK. It’s Kaffe Fassett’s Bekah fabric in Orange….such a shame, it was discontinued in 2012, I must have bought the remains of it last year!

I will be sewing more of these, they please me no end and I had forgotten quite how much I love sewing!!


Then of course I did a spot of dyeing, I had a few orders for some more of the latest club club fibre so I thought I’d dye up a bit more in some different colours as I had become a bit fed up with dyeing the same over and over lol

I came up with these amongst others

There are three different blends there, a merino/nylon, BFL/Baby Alpaca/Silk and a very luxurious Camel/Silk

I will be putting these into my shop as soon as I’ve sorted it out, I am doing a stock take and will re open as soon as I can….I hope to have some new sewn products to show you so I better get busy!!

This braid of Twinkle in Babbacombe colourway only weighs 90g so I am selling it for £8 plus postage, just send me a message via my shop if you’re interested

and this last braid is a new colourway…it has no name as yet…

It was dyed so it will stripe, big bold stripes of black, charcoal and yellow…it’s my Twinkle Blend, 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Superbright Trilobal Nylon, so it really sparkles

There are 150g in this braid, so plenty for a pair of socks or anything that takes your fancy, it is very soft…

Would you like to win it? I’ll post it anywhere… do enter if you fancy spinning up this lovely blend, you have exactly one week to enter, I will close this giveaway at 9pm UK time next Thursday 27th March

Just leave me a comment with a suggestion for a name and a thought as to what you would do with the yarn that you had spun from it

Easy eh?

Looking forward to hearing from you and good luck!


ETA: I have a busy weekend but as soon as I have a spare moment I will look through all the comments and choose a name which most pleases me..thank you for all the suggestions 🙂

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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21 Responses to Sewing Dyeing Knitting and a Giveaway (Now Closed)

  1. Linda C says:

    It’s gorgeous, I’d call it luminous hornet.

  2. Kerry says:

    I think it should be called butterfly (because it reminds me of some caterpillars!)

  3. Liz kebbell says:

    Sunshine charcoal – and I’d make socks

  4. Sonia Dee says:

    I think it should be called “Dark Aurora Nights”. I would knit a shawl to swirl around my shoulders to be encompassed by the northern lights sky

  5. Sally says:

    I’d call it ‘wasp-ish’ 🙂

  6. Elephants in custard!

    And I’d probably make a shawl from it.

  7. Mags Littlewood says:

    I would call it Snake as that’s what it looks like to me and I wold use it to make hand puppets for my little Grandsons, snakes of course!.

  8. Sarah Pape says:

    I’d call it brimstone and treacle! (Brimstone is another name for sulphur. I would use it to make glow in the dark gloves for winter dog walking!

  9. Sandra says:

    Safari to make the “Lazy Daisy Shawlette” (ravelry).

  10. Wanda J says:

    Full Moon. My first thought on seeing it was a glowing moon in a pitch black sky. I think it’d make a striking shawlette.

  11. I love the black ad green yarn and would love to spin it, (I have an Ashford Kiwi wheel). I think the name should be

    Stormy Meadow

    as it reminds me of the light and shadows you get across the grass when there is a passing storm,

  12. Midnight Ogre for the name. I think I’d use it to make some stripy socks because I love them and this would be my first attempt at spinning for some sock yarn.

  13. Knitcave says:

    I’d be tempted to name it Stinger and make a slouchy hat like trekking.

  14. josiekitten says:

    I’d call it Zombie Attack and knit a pair of socks for Mr JK out of it! How exciting that your knitting is going to be in a film!!

  15. shaz says:

    I think moonlit sky as I think it will be dark with starry highlights once spun and knitted, I have a friend who loves all things dark and gothic so something lacy for her I think

  16. Karen Brown says:

    I’d call it forest dawn Marianne…xoxo hi to Barry and much loves to you both!!

  17. Sharon says:

    I would name it “Night Orchard” because it reminds me of either an Olive orchard or a Lemon orchard at night time.

    I would spin this up and weave a scarf for my husband.


  18. Sharon says:

    I would name it “Night Grove” because it reminds me of either an Olive Grove or a Lemon Grove at night time.

    I would spin this up and weave a scarf for my husband.


  19. Sharon says:

    Sorry did not mean to enter twice. But the second one is my real choice. Night Grove.


  20. norfolklass says:

    I would call it Borealis because it looks like the Night Sky with that gorgeous green in and also when the stripes are knitted they may hang down like the Aurora Borealis

  21. Sunshine Chasing the Storm.
    I’d make something warm for myself – hat, scarf, shawl, socks or gloves.
    Thank you Marianne for giving us all an opportunity to win.

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