Designing, Creating and Pattern Writing

I had a request from Ali, “Can you make me a not too boxy, curved hem jumper which falls off my shoulders and has bracelet length sleeves?”

“Oh yes, no problems!” says I….

Little did I know that it would lead to me writing up my first proper grown up machine knitting pattern!

I showed off the jumper in a lovely friendly and chatty Machine Knitting Group on Facebook and had a wonderful response to it….

I wrote up the design for Ali’s size….now that was mind blowing enough in itself….I asked my lovely new friend Cristina to test the pattern for me in that size. We had a few issues and after Cristina sent me a chart of what I had written down, to show me the error in my writing, I realised that charts for all the neck and shoulder shaping was the way to go

I have now written up the design in 4 sizes, 30″ to 46″ and as the actual jumper measures from up to 57″ it will fit even larger sizes but with less positive ease

The curved hem is created using hold position, if you don’t want a curved hem but like the look of the rest of the jumper then just follow the instructions for the back of the jumper up to the armhole markers…

I pattern is being tested in all the sizes and as soon as I get the results back from my testers I will publish this pattern

Hours and hours of my precious time has been taken up with writing this pattern, hours of my testers’ time has been taken up too, endless patience on both sides has been required. I chose Cristina as my first tester because she is a newbie machine knitter and having seen the lovely garments she has been making after only a few weeks with her machine, I realised she would ask me the right questions that would remind me of the information that would be needed to get the same finish as I did

I’ve got another newbie, Sally, testing one of the other sizes, hope she understands the lingo!

Oh and my poor husband, he was scared to speak to me over the weekend….

I could have waited until he was back at work but once the design was flowing it was impossible not to write it all down and so, I apologise Barry, thank you for understanding (most of the time xx)

I’ll let you all know when the design is available…..

It is all very exciting and a totally new venture for Fluff-n-Stuff 😀

For now, I can get on with my other stuff that has been neglected for a while….food shopping first though eugh…wish me luck!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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6 Responses to Designing, Creating and Pattern Writing

  1. I imagine it took alot of work to get all the sizes figured out. Looking forward to the pattern release. ( and hoping your next pattern will be the lovely slouchy cardigan? 🙂

  2. SarahJ says:

    Both the jumper and the cardi are really lovely garments, it makes me sad that I don’t own a knitting machine!

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