A Day Tripper bag for Paris

Yesterday I made myself a really crappy dress. I’d saved the fabric for a special pattern and I really thought I’d found it. I cut it out oh so carefully, I sewed each seam with equal care. The fabric was stretchy, 4 way stretch slinky stuff. I didn’t really enjoy sewing it but my lovely overlocker made it easier. Then, when I was almost finished in thought I’d try it on….. My goodness it looked awful. The weight of the big gathered pockets caused the dress to grow sooo long! I thought if I added some of that elastic tape to the side seams it might hold it up better but no, it didn’t. I spent all day sewing this catastrophe and the evening before, I cut it out.. So much time wasted but sometimes sewing goes like that, it’s in the bin in my bedroom right now, I’ll retrieve it and make use of the fabric as best I can… Grrr….

Moving on

I needed to make something that I knew would fit and that the satisfying instructions would soothe my frazzled sewing harmony..

A bag! A Day Tripper Bag, by DogUnderMyDesk… The perfect fabric was in one of my many fabric drawers waiting for me

We’re of to Paris again soon, making use of some free First Class Eurostar tickets after last year’s travel scenario, someone caused an incident on the line in Paris so everything was delayed by hours and hours…eugh…not a good memory, especially having to get into a different carriage to my husband. I remember sobbing in my seat next to some some strange man, he probably though I was bonkers! However, my hero (Barry) came to my rescue as the person sat next to Barry said that he would be happy to change seats with me…phew…! Then of course we arrived at our hotel late and they gave us a box room as it was all that was left…the air conditioning didn’t work, so we opened the window and all the frying fumes from the kitchen below was wafting into our pokey room…I couldn’t even open my suitcase properly as the ceiling sloped, nor could I stand up straight, so many things wrong…needless to say it was sorted out the next day, I’ll not bore you with the details but I was a bit cross to say the least Anyway, this is the fabric, I love how this pattern goes together, the instructions are perfect!

love how the zips fit so beautifully… this is the main part of the bag with the gorgeous big zipped pocket on the front, all interfaced and wadded, it feels lovely already, no puckers on those curves either! The reverse of the bag, see how I fussy cut that pocket to sit in exactly the correct position on the back piece? I love doing that šŸ™‚ Sewing the curves of the front and the back is a bit tricky, but I did as Erin told me in the instructions and it all looks good, no puckers! I carefully cut out an eiffel tower for the side gusset, that pleases me too I love doing the zips, see how neat it looks and that’s before I put it into the bag lining it’s in! my least favourite bit, so awkward sewing the main bag to the lining, I’d probably find it easier if I used my free arm on the sewing machine but my machine is set into a cabinet and it’s a bit of a palaver to move it The photo above can get a bit painful, it’s a bit like giving birth…you have to pull the whole interfaced and padded bag out through the hole left in the lining, it takes time but well worth the effort lol I like to steam the seam and then hold the bag and the lining apart as the bag cools, I repeat that on the other side too, I find it makes it easier to get a crisp edge when you topstitch the seam Here she is all finished!

I love how my iPad fits in the zipped pocket šŸ™‚

So now…do I still need a new dress for the weekend away?


I have added a few more bags to my shop, including one of these in the ‘larger bags’ section

Just one more thing…I have sent out an email to all of my Luxury Fibre Club members, if you haven’t received yours yet, do get in touch, but it might be in your spam folder

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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10 Responses to A Day Tripper bag for Paris

  1. mavis32 says:

    My carer Kathryn wants a bag like the last one you made for me . She is going to write to you xxx

  2. picperfic says:

    Kathryn has been in touch Mum, she didn’t say which bag so now I know, I’ll make a couple for my shop and I’ll also let you know when they’re in there too, then you can let her know ā¤

  3. mavis32 says:

    That would be wonderful xxxxx ā¤

  4. Speattle says:

    GReat Fabric! Where did you get it?

  5. springystitches says:

    Great work! I love the fabric you have chosen and your pattern matching is spot on! I must make a bag – the trouble is my ‘To Do’ list keeps growing!

  6. lovely bag, great pattern matching. frustrating about the dress, maybe a blouse instead.

  7. Eileen La Porte says:

    Happy I found your blog. Love all your sewing projects and really love that fabric on this bag. Makes me want to get at my sewing machine and make something with my fabric stash!

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