Lullaby Layette

I know, I sew a lot! Most days in fact…..and mostly bags, however, recently I bought a pattern called Lullaby Layette by Oliver and S

Actually, I bought it from The Eternal Maker in Chichester last year, when I visited my Youngest daughter at University…I love that shop!

I also bought the gorgeous spotty fabric for the little top

The popper opening was meant to be down the front, but for some reason, I managed to sew it down the back, but really, I think it looks so cute and would be fine either way

The placket starts off as one piece and after sewing down and some clever folding and pressing, you separate the piece into two and create a fold at the bottom, really it’s magic and I love things that work well

The romper and the little top both start out from the same pattern piece …but they look so different!

I chose to use a stretch cotton jersey for the romper, the sewer is advised to use a woven cotton fabric for the binding, it’s a delicious little garment

I really love using my new popper gun, also bought in Chichester, it’s called a Kam Snap Plier, and the colourful poppers are a doddle to fit ๐Ÿ™‚

I used the same fabric for the binding as I used for the little trousers

The pattern for the trousers is ingenious, very easy and fun to put together…I’ve used buttonhole elastic as I find it hard to judge what size a baby tummy might be

There is also a lined jacket in the layette, I might get round to sewing it one day…there’s also a good range of sizes included, 0-24months. Oliver and S patterns are quite expensive but I trust them, they work and are very stylish but classic and uncluttered if that makes sense. Rather than cut the pattern, I always trace off the size I wish to sew, 6-12 months in this case…that way I can get the most out of the pattern and sew all the sizes if necessary. I also like to use freezer paper for tracing, as the pieces are not too big. Then, using a warm iron,ย I can iron the pattern in place then cut out, the wax on the back sticks lightly to the top layer of fabric and if you’re (lazy) careful you won’t need to use pins

This little pile of clothes is on it’s way to Josie, she is Barry’s youngest granddaughter, and she’s a little darling!

The pink knitting shown at the top of the page is this simple little jacket, the Jiffy Jacket by Mel Clark

This is the second one of these that I have made for Josie, sadly, the first one managed to get felted in the washing machine, but Josie’s Mum loved the jacket and was very sad about it being ruined. I made another, which I have been assured, will be hand washed! I also made the next size so it will fit for longer ๐Ÿ™‚

Life has been crazy busy lately, on Tuesday Howard arrived up our driveway in a taxi. Howard is my Mum’s cousin and he lives in Melbourne. In my head I thought he was arriving in Wisbech at 5.05pm on Wednesday, and I was to pick him up from the bus station. You can imagine my surprise when he turned up a day earlier! I was not ready at all, I still had those last minute jobs to do!! I managed to make our dinner go a bit further and managed to get Howard’s bed made in between chatting..I’d disappear and go on a tidying dervish and then come back into the room as if I’d done nothing haha

We went to Ely on the Wednesday and had a lovely time showing Howard round

Here’s Barry and Howard outside Peacock’s Tearooms, the Wisteria was so beautiful

Here they are a few steps away from Peacocks on the bridge over the Great Ouse river, at The Maltings

Howard left us on the Friday morning and after a bit of packing we made our way down south

Last weekend was my eldest daughter’s 40th birthday…how did that happen? I can clearly remember my 40th as if it was yesterday! Barry and I stayed with my son Edward and his lovely wife Michelle. Luckily the weather didn’t let us down and everyone had a good time. It was so lovely to see my four children and all my grandchildren, Rosi, Laurie’s girlfriend had to work sadly

This is Ali and her friend Sarah and their girl’s, I think they were attempting to build a seesaw but all they were doing was laughing!

Sullivan did a grand job of entertaining his little sister Esme and his cousin Indi

I noticed a gap between my two boys and so I handed my camera to Michelle to take a photo, Edward was doing a Blues Brothers impression and somehow we got photobombed by a crazy woman in the background, I suppose if it’s your birthday you’re allowed to do crazy things xxx I love this photo, despite Edward’s pretend sad face, we did all have a very lovely time!

There wasn’t much left of the Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge cake that I made for the occasion, I used this recipe >>>>>> Yummy! The candles and sparklers were a nightmare to light as there was a bit of a breeze and they just kept blowing out. You can see more photos here>>> Ali’s 40th

This weekend, Barry and I are off to Barnsley. At long last, only 18 months after I gave him the present, Barry will be driving a Steam Engine! I hope to get some good photos but I’m not allowed to ride on the train as he drives so I’m taking my knitting lol!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend…really,as much as I love all this activity, I also enjoy being quiet…and creating ๐Ÿ™‚

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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5 Responses to Lullaby Layette

  1. shaz says:

    Fantastic sewing and thanks for the freezer paper tip, looks like a fab if busy week

  2. Masha says:

    Oh my goodness – such a cute set! I love the fabrics you put together, and the shirt is really sweet with the snaps on the back instead of the front.

  3. Jodi says:

    Such beautiful projects! The wee trousers are adorable, and I love the fabric you chose. I think I may have to knit a Jiffy Jacket, too.

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