What a Lovely Weekend

me spinning at Handmade at Haddenham!

Well, once we got the Gazebo up an in the right place we began to settle down and enjoy ourselves!

It is such a lot of work, just getting everything ready and packed, I always make a list and note down things that spring to mind so that hopefully we leave nothing behind

I did think that I had left my phone at home but found it near the end of the first day, still couldn’t use it much though.. 🙂

I’m spinning on my Victoria in the photo above, Barry took that shot on his Ipad, it came out very well

I wore my new maxi dress that I finished on Thursday, it was so comfy and I felt lovely and cool wearing it. A gorgeous pattern too, I feel I need another one! I haven’t worn a maxi dress since I was 16! That one  was a pretty, hippy, indian cotton peasant style dress. I think it cost £3.50 and I paid out 50p a week out of my wages from my Saturday job working in Smith Bradbeers in Romsey, until it was mine, I can still smell that fabric now, oh the memories..

We had such a good spot, which was in shade most of the weekend, it was really hot on the Saturday and I was so grateful not to have the sun blaring down on me…

Steve and Janina came to see us on the Saturday afternoon, baby Josie arrived sporting the romper and trousers I’d made her a few weeks ago

I have no idea what she was trying to do in this photo, but you can see what she was wearing, great photo Steve 😉 (not very flattering of me though)

Barry was playing with Somersham Town Band on Saturday afternoon, they sounded so good in the summer sunshine

At the end of the visit, Josie’s nappy needed changing, and her clothes needed changing too so this is what she went home in

DSC_8547 copy

look at those yummy little knees!

I had made two of these rompers in a fine cotton lawn fabric and still have the white version available….

anyway, I couldn’t resist taking a few more photos as Josie looked so delicious wearing it

DSC_8543 copy

at 7 months, this little cutie loves to stand up on those sturdy little legs

DSC_8545 copy

aww…love a little ruffly bum!

DSC_8546 copy

Gorgeous Josie!

Oh, just before I go, there’s one more shot that I took of Josie playing Barry’s trumpet

DSC_8552 copy

Handmade at Haddenham is a wonderful, happy, carefree sort of an event, with lots of demonstrations and workshops going on

The entertainment for the children was delightful too with magic and storytelling, hula hoops and stuff…

I’ll definitely take part again next year, and we’ll hopefully be showing off some of the amazing photos that Barry has been taking recently, truly, they’re stunning!

We stayed for a Hog Roast on Saturday evening, so so delicious and our friends Lesley and Paul came along too. There was a brilliant Jazz Band playing for us too, Barry Palser’s Savoy Jazz Men, they also played at the event  on the Sunday, an were accompanied by some Lindy Hoppers, only two though as the others had got stuck in traffic or broke down or something, but the two that were were so good to watch!

I’m really looking forward to next year now

Time to watch some tennis!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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