EeBeeGeeBee…or Supersized Bionic Gear Bag

My husband named this new size of the amazing Bionic Gear Bag the EeBeeGeeBee as he was used to hearing me saying BGB instead of the full words…

Anyway, this bag is for me and I love it!

At a show a few months ago, I bought myself 5 very lovely Liberty Tana Lawn fat quarters with the intention of making myself a new BGB. These got put aside and I got on with all the other sewing that I’ve been doing over the summer

You can see the lovely prints that I chose in this photo

First I cut out all the pieces that I needed for the pockets and then I could work out what i had left over

Even though the Tana lawn is wider than standard quilting cotton, the pieces that I had left were not big enough for the outside piece of the bag 😦

So, I had a look through one or two of my quilting books for inspiration and for some reason the Bargello Quilting kept calling to me

I’d read about it in the past and sort of understood the technique so with my info at the ready I proceeded to cut the precious fabrics into 1 1/2″ strips. These were joined together and annoyingly they biased a bit but I managed to press them into submission 🙂

Then I read that if you alternate the direction of the sewing then this helps to keep the biasing to a minimum haha…too late!

The strips were joined into a ring and then keeping them as straight as possible, I cut those  joined strips into 1 1/2″ loops. Depending on where you want to place the colours, you unpick the relevant seam and then sew those strips together. I just winged it and moved the colours as I went along, I loved seeing the pattern emerging

I decided to add a chambray border and some pretty machine embroidery along those seams. The variegated quilting thread looks so pretty

I really love how this looks! I added some quilting lines along 2 of the prominent colours

So, after a couple of days of working on this bag, I could fill it up! It holds so much stuff, truly, it is more than amazing. When it is full and zipped up, nothing falls out and I can carry it by one of the handles created by the clever way the zip is inserted. Perfect for taking to my sewing group and to sit beside my sewing machine as I work in my sewing room

DSC_9318 copy

This photo shows how I packed the bag ready for moving it around, everything is totally secure

Notice that cute little dish? Sally (the clever designer) named it the Dumpling Dish and I had all sorts of problems sewing them together in the past. However, as I had made everything a bit bigger including the dish, I decided to give it another go and I managed to sew one! I don’t know why I kept having that mental block about making them, I want to keep on making them now haha. I love how it poppers into position to create a space to stand up all the tools I most frequently use

This one is holding both sizes of my Wonder Clips easily

It zips closed even though it is full of clips

The last picture shows the base of the little dish and the patchwork square that is used to hold one end of the zip tape in place…oops, wobbly stitching alert!

So, all in all I am love ❤

I did make another which you can see in this album

That one sold not long after I added the listing to my shop yippee!!

The design is by the very talented Sally Thompson and if you fancy making yourself one of these amazing bags, you can find the original pattern here

I’m not sewing in the evenings, well not usually. I did sew last night as Barry was watching the Rugby, think I might get a fair bit of sewing done over the next few weeks haha

Usually I am knitting…

I have finished a test knit for Purl Alpaca Designs, oh my it is lovely, I’ll post photos when the pattern has been released

But for now, I have been knitting a hat which is the tension piece for the Mithral KAL by Stolen Stitches. The actual KAL starts on the 1st October but you get the hat pattern free if you buy the pattern and yarn during September

The yarn is the most delightful Cumulus by Fyberspates, I don’t like knitting in the round on small needles much, it makes my thumb joints hurt, the actual sweater is knitted on a larger circular needle so my thumb joints should be fine when I make a start on it….

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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  1. josiekitten says:

    That bag is just delightful! Such lovely, lovely fabrics!

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