A Comedy of Errors of Sorts

At about 10am today, I set off to visit my lovely friends, Heather and Anna

All was well, the sun was shining and I was making good time

About 2/3rds of the way into my journey I hit the curb of a new to me traffic calming feature. You know, the ones with a  sign that have two arrows on it, a red one and a black one. I could have sworn that bit of narrowing of the road wasn’t there the last time I drove to Heather’s house!

As I approached the area, I had a feeling that I was going to hit the edge, so I did ‘BANG!’

Then the road sounded really noisy, erm no the road was not going to get any smoother which was strange as it hadn’t sounded so loud before. I thought I’d better stop and have a look at the damage, I pulled over, put my hazard lights on and cautiously looked at the wheel from which the loud bang occurred

I said a big swear word inside my head and got back into my Mini and phoned Barry

Luckily I had my knitting with me…

He was with me within an hour

My mini doesn’t have a spare wheel/tyre/whatever it just had a jack and spanner and some stuff to inflate a puncture enough to get you home

When I told Barry what had happened, he said that the stuff would be of no use as I’d probably burst the tyre.  I had burst the tyre, he showed me by putting his fingers into the hole

He suggested I knock on the door of the nearest house to ask if they minded us reversing the Mini into their driveway so that Barry could remove the wheel and then we could go and get a new tyre fitted.  Of course, said the lovely man that came to the door, he told us where to park it, he had a big driveway, covered in gravel, so Barry reversed it onto the only bit of grass on show there, I gesticulated to him about the grass and he then amended his position

Barry found the little jack and proceeded to raise the mini until it bit, then he removed the bolts, meantime the lady of the house came home and was quite surprised to see a strange Mini in her driveway.  I explained the problem and told her that her husband had given me permission. I also told her that my husband had come to my rescue and was removing the wheel. She then walked around to where Barry was doing his stuff and said ‘Hello Muscles!’ Then when Barry turned and smiled at her she blushed and told me that she thought I had said ‘her’ husband had come to my rescue. The poor woman backed off and went in her house, popping out a short while later to ask if we’d like a cup of tea, so kind

Anyway, Barry could not get the wheel off, and was getting frustrated so I phoned Mini Breakdown and explained the problem, they organised a pickup truck to come to my aid within the hour. Whilst I was on the phone the man of the house came out and was chatting to Barry. I finished my phone conversation and then the man of the house told me not the look and he bashed the wheel with a large piece of 4×4 wood! Not once but a couple of times, it worked! The wheel was free…I didn’t need the pick up truck now so I phoned them back and cancelled

We made our way to a tyre fitting place

As the new tyre was being fitted, I had a text from Heather telling me that they had made their way to the pub for lunch. It was then that Barry and I realised we were both really hungry so he said it might be a good idea to meet them for lunch. So we did! Hurrah, I got to see my lovely friends.

Anna and Heather had already got a drink and the menu, when H realised that we’d arrived she looked surprised, my text hadn’t arrived, no signal! They were sat at a table for two in two lovely comfy armchairs, we needed a bigger table but there wasn’t one..anyway, a table for four was eventually found after we’d dragged a couple of chairs into position at a table for two, such fun….

Barry asked me what I’d like to drink, I asked for a diet coke…he came back to our table with his drink and said that the coke was too fizzy and would take a while to sort out…here we go again thought I. My coke did eventually turn up though and we ordered our food. I decided on a Salad Nicoise with some poached salmon. Then Barry came back and said that there was no salmon. Why was this happening to me? I decided I would have the aubergine and beetroot curry, good choice, it turned out to be delicious 🙂 I really thought it was not going to be good, but thank goodness it was very yummy indeed!

After lunch, Barry said why didn’t I stay with the girls and he would go back and fit the tyre then come back and get me, no wonder I love that man! I said I needed my knitting out of his car, he went and got my project bag and went on his way

Anna, Heather and I walked back to H’s house and we all were chatting and laughing whilst a pot of tea was made

We made our way from the kitchen to the sitting room and I got my knitting out of the bag when my phone rang…it was Barry

Barry said he was on his way back to H’s because he didn’t have the keys to the Mini, erm, yep, they were in my handbag!

So I put my knitting away, not having knitted one single stitch, I finished my lovely cup of tea and went back with Barry to the mini

The new tyre/wheel was put back on and as I was not in love with my Mini it was decided that I would drive the Freelander home.  I wasn’t sure it was the best decision but thankfully the journey was uneventful apart from some petrol cards attacking me when I pulled down the sunshade!

I cannot tell you how happy I was to make it home, and how flipping exhausted I felt!

What a day…..guess what I’m doing this evening?


About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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1 Response to A Comedy of Errors of Sorts

  1. mavis32 says:

    Poor girl what a day, but trouble is you made it sound so funny that I have a smile on my face xxx Hope your Knitting soothed you xxx

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