A couple of days ago I was just putting some washing into the tumble dryer when my pile of fibre blends caught my eye

So, on impulse, I grabbed a bag and decided to do some dyeing

The blend was Polwarth and Mulberry Silk, 60/40… total luxury!

I quickly weighed out the lots and put them to soak whilst I searched my dye recipes to find the colourway that matched this handspun

I searched long and hard but for some reason I haden’t written it down 😦

So I got out my dyepots and recreated it as best I could

Barry has named it Parklife…the name is perfic, thanks husband!

I have been using that handspun yarn on my Talus Cardigan…it is very nearly done, just one more sleeve to complete

That’s part of the lower piece of the body and the following photo is of the first sleeve

I love how the colours sit, I was a bit concerned about that bright orange patch on the sleeve but now I love it and just hope the other sleeve will compliment it

I have also dyed up four more colourways, that one above is a bit bright and so hard to photograph, it will certainly make you smile so I have named it Happy

The next one above is my Babbacombe colourway, it is more green in real life, less blue…another colourway that my camera took a dislike to!

I added a couple of colours to my Highland recipe and called the one above, Highland Fling 🙂

and the last one is my Southwold Colourway, one of my absolute favourites!

You can find these beauties in my shop right now

Shop Link

Hope these colours bring a smile to your face on these cold dark winter days….I wonder what I’ll dye up next?!?

Happy Crafting!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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4 Responses to Smoothie

  1. Wanda J says:

    Gorgeous colours! You have a wonderful eye for seeing how they’ll combine together.

    • picperfic says:

      Thank you Wanda…I feel the need to do more dyeing, this is a good thing as I have plenty to play with 😉

      On 4 February 2016 at 15:22, Picperfic's Blog wrote:


  2. josiekitten says:

    These are all beautiful and I am totally in love with your Talus cardigan. So happy to see you dyeing again and this is the boot up the proverbial for me to get spinning again so I can make space in my box of your fluff (yes, you have an entire box all to yourself!) for more!

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