Early morning gardening and stuff

For some reason I woke early this morning and gardening would not leave my mind. For a while now, I had been thinking about digging the border and moving some plants around and removing others

So at 6.50am, I got dressed in a funky comfy outfit and some old boots, twisted my hair up out of my face and set to work…I really enjoyed it and have half filled the wheelie bin with weeds and unwanted twigs etc

After a while, I realised I was waning and came in for a coffee, it was 7.30am…my intention was for half an hour now and then until I have got the job done. Some of the shrubs in the border are not to my liking but are really too large for me to tackle on my own. I will enlist the help of my husband for those tricky activities.

Sadly, my gardener Mark, who used to come to do an hours work every other week or so, has had to go out to a higher paid job so I am on my own until I can find someone to help me out

Anyway, I was really surprised to have woken so early this morning after the busy time we’ve been having lately

On the 31st March, Barry and I travelled up to Scotland to spend the night with my lovely Aunty Sally and Uncle Allan, those two are around the same age as us and we get on really well. Sally has a creative business painting reclaimed pieces of furniture, she has also recently finished the decor in a holiday cottage. I’ll do a blog post about the new combined venture we are working on soon, so much to tell you!! If you’re on Facebook, you can see Sally’s work here

The next day, Barry and I caught the ferry to Larne and then drove down to Enniskillen to spend a long weekend with my Mum, when I got there and went in and called woohoo! I got no answer, so I went into the front room and there was Mum sleeping on the sofa, I kissed her and woke her and she gave me the biggest hug!

On Saturday, my brother Matt took us all out for lunch to celebrate Mum’s and his birthday…we went to The Smuggler’s Creek Inn and had a very special meal indeed, gourmet fish and chips for me!

That’s just the fish, the mushy peas and chips came in a separate bowl…oh my it was so good!!

Here’s a photograph of us all after the meal, Matt put his camera on a tripod and set it for a few seconds delay on the timer, but every time he tried to get into the shot, the camera clicked before he got there. A man at a nearby table did the deed in the end

On the Sunday, Barry went out early with Matt to take some waterfall and bird photos, they both came back really happy as they’d seen a little dipper, Barry got some fab shots of that

In the afternoon, we all went up to Matt and Sylvia’s where we were treated to a BBQd steak dinner and plenty of prosecco! I did end up on my own later on in the day though as Matt and Barry were fiddling on the computer. I didn’t mind though, I tried to do some knitting but the prosecco kept making me go wrong so I gave up for the evening haha

The next day, Barry took Mum and me out for a long drive, when I say long consider this, he just kept driving to find new treasures to view and photograph, the miles we travelled I reckon we fitted three days of places into one day…I was in the back of the Mini which was surprisingly comfy but I did feel a bit sick but perked right up when I saw a sign for Studio Donegal …. no complaints for the driver either, he likes a happy Marie 😉

Mum couldn’t manage the stairs sadly but she managed to buy herself a gorgeous hat and was looked after very well by the staff, I think she tried on a few before choosing this one.

While Mum was busy downstairs, Barry and I went upstairs to the weaving room, oh my, what an aladdin’s cave of delight awaited me

The two chaps in there were very friendly and didn’t mind me taking photos so I clicked away to my heart’s content

Not sure if this will work but I took a video of one of them weaving, it’s on Facebook and it might work, click here

I just love these old shuttles and the pretty colours of the yarn

The difference in the feel of the fabric after it has been milled is dramatic, it becomes so very soft. This old loom used to be a carpet loom but they cleverly transformed it to a cloth loom and it has such a great width to the fabric. Imagine warping up all those yarns!!!

Look at the size of that carding machine! I only just missed the weaver spinning some more yellow yarns for the cloth he was working on

That big drum is the warping machine, not sure how the warp gets transferred to the loom though…look at those pretty colours 🙂

I did succumb to buying myself some of the gorgeous, wonderful and colourful Donegal Tweed fabric

You can see it being cut in the next photo

I bought just 1 metre of these two colourways

dsc 1220 copy

Donegal Tweed

dsc 1218 copy

Donegal Tweed 2

and also treated myself to some of their lovely yarn to make myself a cardigan, no plans of a design yet but I’m keeping my eyes open for the right pattern!

and more driving later…

Mum and Barry at Fintra Bay, we were spoilt by the wonderful weather that day

That last photo is one of my favourites, I love the sparkling Atlantic Ocean

What a lovely happy busy time we all had…it was really hard leaving Mum on the Tuesday morning 😦

Life didn’t stop going fast forward for me until yesterday, Sunday…but that’s another story, I think I’ve said quite enough for now

If you’re interested, you can see my whole album of photos here

Postman has not long been and he’s brought me even more beautiful tweed fabrics to play with, Harris tweed this time..layterrs!!

About picperfic

I dye luxurious fibre blends for spinners and felters, and sew beautiful bags, project bags and needle/hook organisers to a very high standard, using designer fabrics and then I photograph them!
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  1. josiekitten says:

    You packed loads into your break! Love the colours in those tweeds.Glorious!

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