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Hexibags are go!!!

I created this gorgeous hexagonally shaped bag to contain all the necessary requirements for knitting hexipuff’s for The Beekeeper’s Quilt, but having worked with it, I soon realised that it was just the perfectly sized project bag for socks or shawls. Anything really


Designer quilting weight cotton fabric and interfaced with a woven cotton interfacing which gives a lovely feel to the bag

Pretty mismatched buttons, mostly vintage, close the front pocket and the top of the bag

A front pocket for the stuffing of the hexipuffs or anything else that takes your fancy

An inner, longer than usual pocket for scissors and crochet hook or lippy…..the contents are contained once the bag is buttoned up

An opening metal clip for attaching the bag to a handbag or beltloop or for keeping your yarn from tangling when knitting directly from the bag – I saw that one of my customers had attached their scissors to the clip and another attached one of those pretty stitch savers 🙂

There is plenty of room inside for at least 200g of yarn plus your WIP

The bag sits on it’s base once you have some contents inside it making it convenient bag to take to knitting group or wherever

The handle is perfect for slipping over your wrist to work from standing up!

Oh and I just had to include the darling little machine embroidered bee on the back of the bag!

Click on any of the photos to see a bigger version


32cm across centre
28cm from top to bottom

You can read one of my tester’s reviews here 

If you’d like one then send me a message and we’ll work together to create a darling project bag to suit you!

2 Responses to Fluff-n-Stuff

  1. Jane (Spinthrift) says:

    Hi! I would be interested in buying one of your lovely hexibags. I was smitten anyway and then someone at my spinning group had one of your large bags that I was admiring. How much are they? And how does one go about ordering one?
    Thanks a lot.
    Jane 🙂

  2. Sue napier says:

    Hi I met your Barry on the train. I work for Virgin and he came to the Cafe bar for a Coffee. I was admiring his phone case the one with the Campervans on and to my surprise he told me that you had made it. It is fab. I was telling him that at Newcastle where I am based . Virgin Trains are having their first Christmas fayre with proceeds going to Children North East. I was looking for some ideas to make to sell. It is a great idea to have a phone case like Barry’s and I wonder if you would mind me copying your idea. Yours Sincerely. Sue Napier.

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