Luxury Fibre Club Details

Luxury Fibre Club

Here are the details:-

  • each package will consist of 100g* of luxury blended top dyed up by me
  • there will be no mohair or angora in these parcels but there may be the occasion Sparkle blend
  • each package costs £16 plus postage per lot
  • You can choose up to 3 lots per package, depending on how many places are available
  • Each package will contain a newsletter with ideas for spinning the fibre
  • I will enclose a sample of yarn that I will have spun from the blend you receive, just for your reference, I love to see the yarns that are produced by my members
  • Each package will contain a 10% discount code to be used on anything in my shop (I’ll also take 10% off any special orders for bags etc…)
  • I will continue to send invoices for the next parcel unless you tell me otherwise, you may cancel at any time
  • Club members will be given priority over new subscribers for the next round*the amount may be bigger if the blend is less expensive

You can look in my shop and my sold items to see the sort of colours I dye up. I don’t do itchy, I am a fibre snob and I am fussy about the fibres I spin up.  This is a real treat of a club and I’m almost certain you’ll be happy with what I send you.  My club keeps on growing in size so I think I’m doing something right ;)

If you’d like to be added to my waiting list then there is a subscription link on this page…I’ll be in touch when there is space, thank you :)

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