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New Luxury Fibre Base and My Slouchy Cardigan

I put this photo at the top because I didn’t want to see the photo of me below showing up on facebook…lol…scary!! You’ll find the details about this bit of knitting towards the end of the post 😉 I finished … Continue reading

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Alpaca, Cashmere, Textured Weaving

I am really enjoying weaving and have just finished this delicious textured scarf. I didn’t realise it was possible to create textures using aheddle loom until a friend on Ravelry pointed me in the direction of this pattern, PDF Link. … Continue reading

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Whilst In France

I managed a little bit of this…..I made another strip for my Kaleidoscope Scarf and joined them with the little flowers. However, I didn’t like the way the flowers were a bit puckered up so I studied the photo on … Continue reading

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Did You Feel the Earth Move Last Night?

Did you feel the earth move last night? EARTHQUAKE! If only it had woken me, I could have made a fortune with photos! lol ~*~ Last Saturday we went into Cambridge and we ordered our wedding rings. Mine has to … Continue reading

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Yarn Forward Magazine and Cashmere Socks

I have finished one of the tiny cable socks using Hip Knits Cashmere Sock yarn the sock weighs 27 grammes and the remaining yarn weighs 35 grammes … so I have plenty for the second sock, in fact I wish … Continue reading

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I have finished knitting the shawl out of the delicious cashmere yarn that my Colour Swap pal, Rosie sent me in my package. It was like a bit of nothing to knit. I used the Shetland Triangle from ‘Wrap Style’. … Continue reading

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Meeting Rosie

Today we went into Cambridge with the intention of going to find my colourswap pal Rosie because she works in a gorgeous shop there. We found the shop really easily and I walked in looking for someone that might be … Continue reading

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