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Is It Christmas or What?

Should I be worried? Barry and I went for a meal today at the hotel where we are to have our wedding. It snowed overnight, looked so pretty for an Easter Sunday. The meal was delicious. However….. We were a … Continue reading

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Did You Feel the Earth Move Last Night?

Did you feel the earth move last night? EARTHQUAKE! If only it had woken me, I could have made a fortune with photos! lol ~*~ Last Saturday we went into Cambridge and we ordered our wedding rings. Mine has to … Continue reading

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I have printed all the bits to put together for the invites to our wedding….wish we could invite all of you lovely bloggers! I so love doing DTP work…it pleases me no end! I have even mail merged everything so … Continue reading

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I need a notebook…not just any old notebook…I need pretty one, to write down all the flashings and fleetings that fire into my head at inappropriate moments. The fleetings and flashings are to do with the wedding, I have done … Continue reading

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I have been busy! Barry and I photographed four wedding on the trot, the last one was on the 12th August. Since then we have been sorting, cropping and editing photos….never seen so many photos in all my life! We … Continue reading

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I really don’t want another day like tomorrow…..

What Barry was trying to say was ‘I really don’t want another day like today’…..I had been feeling a bit poorly again and we hadn’t communicated much all day, Sunday it was….sort of the aftermath of the excitement of doing … Continue reading

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I Will…….

A couple of my favourite shots that I took, from yesterdays wedding shoot….mind you there were so many good ones it is difficult to choose between them. So glad that Barry and I work together on these weddings, the pressure … Continue reading

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Getting Ready (updated slide show)

It’s been a busy time lately…..we photographed a wedding yesterday, the weather had been awful but we had a bit of sunshine in which to take the group shots. Even though the bride was so very nervous , I was … Continue reading

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